Box Box Parcel Locker

Easy Send, Easy Collect!

  • Free Collection

    Customer free collection within 72 hours.

  • Easy Use

    Simple collection & drop-off method without app installation.

  • High Secure

    Secured with advanced locking mechanisms & monitored by cameras to ensure the safety of packages.

Our Services

Parcel Drop-off

You can easily send the parcel without going to the courier point by placing it in the locker to let the shipper pick it up and deliver it.

Easily self-pickup from locker when parcel is delivered

Parcel Collect

You can deliver your parcel to the locker near your home for easy self-pickup.

Send parcel without going to courier point

How Work ?



Upon parcel delivery to a locker system, shipper scans the QR code, then selects a fitting locker size.



Text message will be used to inform the recipient that their parcel has been delivered to the locker.



Recipient can access locker by scan the QR code, enter phone number and TAC to unlock the right locker.